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Who is Marketing Mommy?

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I live in beautiful Northern California with my two amazing kids and my wonderful husband. I have been in Marketing for over 20 years, mostly on the small business side. If you want a few more personal details about me, click here.

Through the Looking Glass

I’m a marketing professional by day and mother by night. Since becoming a mom I find it fascinating to see how many companies market to moms. We truly are a unique target market. I’m a Mom, but I’m also a Marketer. It’s like seeing something from both sides of the looking glass.

The Birth of a Blog

I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years now. I joined Twitter in December of 2008 and found this huge group of moms just like me! They were blogging and discussing their issues and being successful. I began interacting with these wonderful women and discovered that I wanted a chance to express myself, my experiences, and my observations. I hoped maybe I could offer insight or help to other moms. The joys and challenges of motherhood with the addition of a full-time job have not always made it easy to be a blogger too. This blog has been abandoned and then dusted off and overhauled more than once. Much of the content from 10 years ago is still relevant today. So, I keep updating and tweaking and playing with this, my passion project.

What you will find here is a blog about how you can use marketing to your advantage! I’ll uncover the secrets marketers use and show you how you too could use those same secrets. I want to make sure you can see through “marketing speak” to know what you are buying and if it truly lives up to the hype. My hope is that you can become a more empowered consumer, feeling sure that you are buying what’s best for you and your family.

Plus, I want to give you the confidence to use marketing tools for yourself.  Whether you volunteer with a local charity or you want to start your own business and build relationships for yourself. You can find tips and tricks for making marketing work for you.

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I hope you enjoy reading!


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More about me

So you dare to know more? Here are some other important and some random bits of information. I’m also a Christian and active in my church. I am a huge Disney fan. I love writing and reading other mom or marketing blogs. I love reading novels too, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, so if you have a suggestion I’m all ears. My interests are SO many (boarding on ADD), such as sewing, crochet, and decorating for Christmas. Oh, how I adore Christmas! I don’t cook too much, although I have started experimenting once in a while. My hubby does most of the cooking. I’m also a little obsessed with the Banana Republic too.