As I am now currently unemployed I have signed up to get updates from top name job boards. They send me the newest job postings on a daily basis. Now perhaps it is my fault for putting in search terms that are too general, but I am getting listings for jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with my field. How in the world, for example, does an Optometrist or Surgeon fit in with Advertising, Marketing, or even Sales (I get a lot of sales job listing, but that I can understand)? My husband, a Drafter who is also looking for work, gets email solicitations for Finance Manager positions (which I’m not even sure are legit).

I’m not sure which irritates me more, the listings that are so completely off in left field, or the ones for entry level “no training needed” type jobs. I actually applied to one of those many years ago when I was first starting out. It turned out to be door-to-door sales on the B2B side. The company wanted you to go out to businesses and try to sell them a new phone system. I’m sure that is a wonderful job for some people, just not me. And I certainly don’t want to do that at this level in my career. Although in a couple months I may be singing another tune.

I just wish I could get better qualified job leads delivered to my email. No commission only sales jobs, no insurance “run your own business” jobs, no entry-level sales jobs disguised as marketing jobs. And I do realize that finding jobs via online job boards is reportedly not the best way to find a higher level job. But do you think that may be because the job boards are inundated with all these obtuse listings?

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