What is Marketing?  (Or What I Do All Day)

The glamorous life of a marketing professional isn’t always what’s it’s cracked up to be. I don’t sit around all day in a big conference room drinking expensive coffee and coming up with the newest and most innovative way to get people to spend money […]

From Marketer to Mommy and Back Again

Hi! You are probably wondering why in the world you should take time out of your day to read this blog. I’m wondering the same thing, sort of. If you are anything like me you are super busy. But if you are anything like me, […]

You are Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

I recently read an article on about how annoying men can be when they are sick. This struck a chord with me because my man can’t seem to do anything while he is sick; meanwhile I carry on and am expected to take of […]

Jobs and unemployement

Do you still have a job? If not what are you doing to look for one? There are all kinds of articles and resources on the internet now to show you how to use social media to find a job, or use Twitter to find […]

Email Marketing DONT’s

I recently received a “cold call” email from a vendor who provides lead lists, email lists to be exact. In this email the rep went on and on for over three lengthy paragraphs about his company and wonderful products. And at the end of the […]