I recently received a “cold call” email from a vendor who provides lead lists, email lists to be exact. In this email the rep went on and on for over three lengthy paragraphs about his company and wonderful products. And at the end of the email was this statement: “I look forward to your email.”

What kind of closing is that? I’m still scratching my head wondering what in the world this guy wanted. I’m guessing, as most intelligent people might, that he wanted my business. But this goes back to one of the very first rules of sales and marketing, the call to action, and in the case of this email, there was none.

I read the email three times just to be sure that my email-ADD hadn’t kicked in. (I have the tendency to skim emails, sometimes skipping entire paragraphs which has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion.)

What’s even more perplexing is that the subject of the email was “Request from ABC Company” I did not see any requests at all in the body of the email.

Just a week ago I received another email asking me to be a part of a networking group. The sender included in the email that she thought of me because the group didn’t have any chiropractors. What?

I was pretty sure these were known by most people, but when you do email marketing make sure you:

  1. Get the person’s name and occupation right
  2. Have a call to action

Any other no-brainer rule you have seen violated?

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