My name is Jennifer F. Williams and I am the mother of a beautiful little girl. My Sugar Muffin was born in October of 2007 and my world was turned upside down, although I didn’t realize it at first. During my maternity leave I started getting bored. Yes, bored. I longed for adult interaction (not uncommon, I know) and to be productive. I was actually looking forward to going back to work! When I did finally go back to my Marketing job after my maternity leave it felt good but was also incredibly tough. I realized that I had it so much better than other moms because I did have my own office and was able to pump whenever I wanted, but I felt isolated because I was pumping breast-milk behind closed doors three times a day. I also began to feel like I was missing out on key moments in my baby’s life. When I stopped pumping and weaned my precious one it was such a relief, but the guilt remained.

It is almost a cliché how people say that you never know how a child will impact your life until you have one. And I’ve heard it so many times that people will say “I knew my life would change just like people say, but I never knew how much!” Okay so here is my contribution to that cliché. I kept thinking that once my child reached this or that milestone it would get easier. But then I began to realize that each of those milestones were precious moments in her life that I would never get back, things I was missing out on. And instead of getting easier, it began to get harder, and the guilt got worse instead of better.

In addition to being a guilt-ridden mom, I’m also a Marketing professional. My first love was marketing (now my first love is my daughter). I have been in Marketing for over 10 years, mostly on the small business side. Now that I am a mom I find it fascinating to see how many companies market to moms. We truly are a unique target market. I’m a mom, but I’m also a Marketer. It’s like seeing something from both sides of the looking glass.

I started my first account on Twitter in December of 2008 and found this huge group of moms just like me! They were blogging and discussing their issues and being successful. It was so wonderful to begin interacting with these wonderful women. I discovered that I too could have a chance to express myself, my experiences, and my observations. And maybe I could offer insight or help to other moms like these women have provided to me. is a blog on my views about being a mom, a consumer of mom-type things, and being a Marketer trying to reach moms (and other target markets).  I hope you enjoy reading.

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  1. Cheryl Pope at 8:00 pm

    Nice to meet you, marketingmommy. I look forward to reading many of your experiences as a mom:)