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A New Job!

I have a new job! I am so excited about this job. So far every aspect seems perfectly suited to me. I truly believe that the self-discovery I did earlier in the year helped me in finding a job that is such a great fit. […]

New Year = New Outlook

I have decided that 2010 will be a good year.  After all, having a positive attitude goes a long way, right? Things are beginning to look up. I’ve had several good “bites” and eventually one of them will have to turn into something. The key […]

Retail Sales Investigation – Part 2

I must admit that I was wrong about retail world on one count and completely correct on another. While I did enjoy the work, the helping people, and working with products I liked; I underestimated myself in regards to my capability of being a store manager. The managers and assistant managers I work with are amazing. They have way more on their plates than I imagined, and the behind the scenes work is intense. The first time I helped after hours I realized I could be in over my head.

Don’t get me wrong, I plan on sticking it out and seeing if I can work my way up. I learn fast and if I apply myself I am sure I can make it. But I plan on sticking it out at only one of the two. (more…)

Career Site Marketing

As I am now currently unemployed I have signed up to get updates from top name job boards. They send me the newest job postings on a daily basis. Now perhaps it is my fault for putting in search terms that are too general, but […]