Now let me preface this by saying that by “getting paid” I mean being a human pet in a cubicle, or in my case a 5×5 box. Ideally one day I will get paid solely by blogging.

Spend time with my precious Sweet Pea – Of course this is going to top the list for obvious reasons. Please note that this does not mean all day, just more time than currently because Mommy needs “me” time.

Keep up with reading all the blogs on my RSS feed – There are so many good blogs out there, marketing blogs, mommy blogs, book blogs, and blogs about blogging. I have decided not to subscribe to some blogs just because my other responsibilities take up so much of my time.

Practice writing with my left hand – Okay I know this is an odd one, but I’ve always wanted to be ambidextrous.

Clean my house – Not usually one of the things on the top of most people’s lists, but I find that I am more at peace when my house is clean. Also, my home is one of my passions, not just a place I live. My dear hubby and I have invested many, many hours into fixing it up and making it just right, so I want to keep it looking nice. I think I was an interior designer in a previous life.

Learn CSS, XTML, Java, and all the other internet languages – I have always had an interest in the internet. I taught myself HTML and CSS, but I know my understanding and skills are very limited. Also knowledge of software like Dreamweaver and FrontPage would come in handy.

Indulge my other hobbies for once – I enjoy being a well rounded person and that is just not happening lately. I have many hobbies, mostly relating to crafting, like sewing, cross stitch, and crochet. Plus I still haven’t done my wedding scrapbook almost eight years later.

What would you do?

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  1. Spineless Pet at 12:06 pm Reply

    Damn you, woman, for linking to that human pet article!! LOL.

    I laugh, because its safer than being honest about my true human pet condition. And, just when I was thinking of how I feel angry with the people who told us when we were young that we could find a job we were passionate about, something we loved — I don’t think such a thing exists! Or, it could just be that I’ve been too conditioned for too long so I’ve lost my free will. 😛


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