Why Does Everyone Hate Mondays?

Cheer Up Mr GoblinI recently over heard a co-worker on the phone replying to a question I didn’t hear, “Not bad for a Monday.” Undoubtedly the question was something to the effect of “How are you?” And his response is one I am familiar with, having heard several variations thereof over the course of my 10+ years in Corporate America. Why do we hate Mondays? There are even songs about it! (Bangles, The Mamas and The Papas)

This dread of Mondays everyone has is somewhat baffling to me. It isn’t like people don’t know its coming. Every seven days (which in perspective is not that long of a time) a Monday comes around. It is a work day just like Tuesday or Thursday. Do we dislike Mondays for the simple reason that we had the previous day off? And what does that say about us?

At this point in my life I don’t mind Mondays. Maybe it’s because no matter what day of the week it is I still have to get up around the same time because my daughter wakes me up, so weekends do not hold any special “extra sleep” promise for me. But maybe it’s because I like my job and don’t mind going to work. Perhaps if more people had jobs they enjoy Mondays would be able to leave behind it’s gloomy connotation.

Do you hate Mondays? If so, how do you feel about your job? What do you think makes Mondays difficult? Help me understand…

8 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Hate Mondays?”

  • I actually like Mondays – like the routine..like the job…am tired on Mondays (due to to much fun/housework on the weekends) – but overall – if I did all the “prepping” for the week that I usually try to do on the weekends – Monday isn’t so bad..

    • I agree. If you know it’s coming, and do the little stuff to prepare for it, its just another day.

  • Hmmm, a loaded question. I think I dislike Mondays because the general public does. When it comes down to it, I actually enjoy the routine now that my oldest is in school. I think it depends on wither you are a night person and stayed up late the last three nights. If you head to bed at a good time, then it’s easier to handle. 🙂

  • Monday’s signal for most people the end of “their” time especially if they have a 8-5 job they don’t like. For people who enjoy their job or who don’t have a typical working hours, Monday’s aren’t as harsh.

  • I do not like Mondays, it means I have to go back to work, send baby to the sitters, and attempt to look brilliant for another week. Mostly I hate giving up baby time…”sigh…”

    Now my husband, Loves Mondays!!! He likes the schedule and what not.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Even if we like our jobs, many of us like our hobbies even more. That may explain the onset of a Monday malaise for some.

    Yes, it’s on the calendar and arrives once each week, but it’s still a departure from the downtime that a weekend provides. Even if we get up at the same time on the weekends, the demands of the office are absent for those two brief days. By Tuesday we become acclimated once more to the workday routine.



  • Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve checked in, but I just wanted to show that if you post a real comment (as opposed to spam) I will approve, even if it is not nice (see above). Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I appreciate everyone’s viewpoint on Monday.

    Jody, if you read this I like hearing from my readers but there is no need for name calling. Plus, there is also no need for all caps.


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