I started pushing my lunches later and later about four or five years ago. The theory was that the afternoon would seem shorter and 5 o’clock would come sooner. Now that I am in a new job, one I actually like, I am still eating lunch later but for completely different reasons. I am enjoying what I am doing so much that I lose track of time and before I know it, its 1 o’clock. But this brings up the flip side, the afternoon seems shorter. So the day is already flying by in the morning so much that I don’t realize it’s lunch, and then once I finish lunch the day is pretty much gone, and before I blink it’s 5.

Normally this would be a good thing. But since as previously mentioned I do like my job, I am inclined to stay at work longer. It goes like this, “5 o’clock already? Well, just one more thing and then I’ll go home.” And one more thing turns into 3 and then its 5:30, the time I’m supposed to be home.
It comes back to the whole work/home balance and where one’s priorities are.

For me, my priorities are whatever I happen to be doing at the moment. While I’m at work I want to be and stay at work, but when I go home, all I want to do is be with my daughter and be a good mom. Am I a bad parent for enjoying my work? I provide a great lifestyle for my family by working, but I’m positive my daughter wouldn’t know the difference if we lived in a smaller house or she wore second-hand clothes. I feel like a good mother by giving her these things. And if I get a sense of fulfillment from it too then it’s a double bonus.

So I have decided to eat lunch at 11:45 instead. This started because once I skimped on dinner the night before and only had carbs for breakfast so I was feeling the headache and lightheadedness that tell me it’s time to eat really early. I caved and ate lunch around 11:40. It made it seem like I had oodles of time in the afternoon and I was ready to go home right around 5. It’s all head games anyway right?

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