You are Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

I recently read an article on about how annoying men can be when they are sick. This struck a chord with me because my man can’t seem to do anything while he is sick; meanwhile I carry on and am expected to take of our daughter like nothing is wrong. (Just to be fair, the last time I was sick my hubby was absolutely wonderful to me and helped out extra without being asked.) But the point is, when HE is sick the world stops and reading that article made me feel just a little bit better about it because I was not alone in being married to “cold wuss”.

Don’t we all feel just a little better when we realize we are not alone in thinking this or that, feeling something, or in our odd little habits we think no one else does? We are the same as many other people in many different ways. But when it comes to putting ourselves into groups why do we always insist we are unique from others? We aren’t. We are all alike in one way or another. It’s like we say, “Sure there are other working mothers (or insert your own group), but I’m different than ALL of them because…” and finish the sentence with some pitiful excuse as to why you are unique. But chances are there are at least a dozen (probably a couple hundred dozen) women who feel the exact same way you do and would finish the sentence the same exact way.

And that is exactly what allows marketers the ability to advertise to the general public. Because we are general, in one way or another. If we were as unique as we think we are, sometimes marketing wouldn’t work. Each message would have to be tailored to one person. But advertising and marketing do work because we are all motivated by very similar things, and react in very similar ways.

So the next time you think “No one could possibly know how I feel,” think again. Or “I’ll bet I’m the only person on the planet who washes my socks like this,” wrong! Chances are there are hundreds, if not thousands who are just like you. And thanks to the internet we can all find each other through odd little websites and forums.

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  • Oh my god the husband being sick thing is great. Scott was sick this week and I was a single mom. He is such a baby when he gets sick.

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